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Fusion Bench

Fusion Bench is a simple, comprehensive and flexible solution. It combines work surfaces, integrated storage, desk organization and cable management. It allows to create differentiated bench settings supporting more effectively the ways users work. This while using the same product line.

Different versions
-  4 top shapes available in different sizes including large tables tops.
-  Veneer tops
-  Fusion with storage
Fusion bench offers the integrated rail option to support work tools.
The sliding top is integrated
The bench can be associated to work tools, lighting, screens and technology.
The product features Bench applications with supporting storage.
Fusion Bench offers many options for cable management (horizontal, vertical, on the work surface …).
It helps to create spaces for concentration and /or collaboration.
The product is easy to configure and reconfigure
Fusion Bench is part of the Fusion desk range and offers multiple space planning solutions.
Sustainability: Fusion is 99% recyclable, contains no hazardous materials. Its wooden components are labelled with PEFC.