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Make your workplace a dynamic workspace
Developed in partnership with multi-award winning designer Isao Hosoe, TNT* is a new kind of dynamic workspace solution with a wide range of options for all kinds of users and workstyles.

That allows your people to get their desk space set up just the way they want it so they’re more comfortable and productive in their work. In addition innovative features allow them to switch quickly between solo and collaborative tasks .

TNT* also lets your company manage workspace more effectively because it’s exceptionally easy to configure and reconfigure . Select the best layout for today and reconfigure it without hassle when your needs change.

-A flexible architecture: TNT* allows you to expand, upgrade or adapt any configuration to the changing needs of users and teams
-A system that adapts to your workplace and to your company culture: in other words, a toolbox
-An efficient use of space: TNT* 3rd level storage sits close-at-hand above the desktop, increasing the total storage area without taking up valuable floor space.