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Wygoda. Pracujemy mobilnie, dzielimy pracę między dom, uczelnie, pokoje hotelowe czy kreatywne przestrzenie biznesowe . Zaprojektowany przez Patricia Urquiola Hosu zachęca do rozłożenia , stwarza wyjątkowy obszar do pracy i relaksu.


Case Studies

Scape is a group of like-minded specialists who focus on activating the space where brands and communities intersect –through events, online, mobile, retail and urban spaces.

Based in Amsterdam and founded in 2011 by Jeff Povlo, a US native and former international marketing executive at brands such as Heineken and Nokia, Jeff believes in the power of meaningful interaction between brands and the people, communities and the cities in which they operate.

“A ‘scape’ is defined as a snapshot of a physical or virtual space where people interact with a brand’s ideas, products, or services- “We see this as a picture of relationships” – explains Jeff Povlo. “We work with both brands and communities, connecting them at the most relevant points of interaction”.

In the summer of 2013 Scape opened up their first independent studio located in the multi-cultural de Pijp neighborhood in Amsterdam. Jeff Povlo chose Amsterdam because of it’s open mindedness and ability to tap into a vibrant creative community. “Here you are in the center of Europe. It is a perfect hub, receptive to new trends. Several multinationals have their HQ here and the city of Amsterdam is investing in initiatives to develop culture and creativity. Among all the places I have lived in, it offers the highest standards for work-life balance and quality of life”.

“The way we work has changed. Scape is a collective of free-thinkers and doers that works as a multi-disciplinary unit with specialists in many different countries. We don’t follow convention, instead we bring a brand’s personality to life in unexpected ways, translating it through physical and virtual spaces. Our ideal projects transform unused or unoccupied spaces to give them new purpose.

With Coalesse we found a partner that shares our vision on the new world of work and that has been able to understand our needs and offer a workspace that really supports a new live/work balance, enabling us to do our job but not necessarily from our desk.”